Adding Employees to Your SmartVault Account

After setting up your SmartVault account password and settings, you can add employees so they can access the account. SmartVault emails your employees with directions to activate their SmartVault account after you add them.

There are four types of employees in SmartVault:

  • Administrator—Access to all employees and their clients across your account
  • Account Employees—Access to all clients
  • Assigned Employees—Access only the clients assigned to them
  • Seasonal Workers—Temporary access that runs from December 15 to April 30th


You must have available licenses or add additional licenses to your account to add new employees.

Adding an Employee

To add your employees to your SmartVault account:


The following steps are based on the 2020 SmartVault interface. If your Portal looks different, you can adjust to the current view.

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click Manage Employees in the navigation sidebar.

    Image of the navigation sidebar. See information above

  3. Click+ Add Employee.
    • The + Add Employee button is deactivated if you don't have available licenses in your SmartVault account.

      Image of Manage Employees page. See information above

  4. Enter the employee's information. Employee first name, last name, and email are required.
  5. Select a group for the employee, depending on the access they need:
    • Administrator—Select this option to provide the employee with access across the entire account.
    • Account Employee—Select this option to allow the employee to work with all clients in SmartVault. They have Read, Write, Create, and Delete permissions on all folders in the Client's Container.
    • Assigned Employee—Select this option if you want the employee to only work with clients to whom they are assigned. They have Read, Write, and Delete permissions on only their client's folders.
    • Seasonal Worker—Select this option if you want to give seasonal worker privileges to the employee. This access is temporary and runs from December 15 to April 30th.
  6. Select Invite Employee to invite the employee, then click Save.

    Image of the add employee information page. See information above

  7. The employee profile is created in SmartVault. They are sent an activation email to activate their account so they can access and start using SmartVault. 
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