Viewing Your Folders as a Guest User

As a Guest user, your SmartVault account administrator (the person who invited you to create your account) can share specific vaults and folders with you.

The SmartVault View Files and Folders page is where you view and download documents. You can also share documents as a guest user and may get requests for specific documents from your SmartVault account administrator. You’ll upload the requested documents to your Guest portal.

Navigating Your Files and Folders

Your SmartVault documents are easy to view, find, and sort. To access the Files and Folder view, select View Files and Folders from the navigation sidebar.


Finding Your Documents

The View Files and Folders page displays each vault or container you have access to. The Details pane on the right displays your account name and details about your vault, including the Name, when the vault was created, and the last time it was modified. You can choose the maximum Rows per Page you want to view (10, 20, 30, 50, or 100) at the bottom of the folder list. You can also customize your account with shortcuts.


Use the search bar to locate a specific file or document within the vault or folder.



The View Files and Folders page automatically displays your files in alphanumeric order. You can sort the content by clicking the column headers (Name and Last Modified) to sort your files and folders in ascending or descending order.


When sorting by name, the documents inside those folders are also sorted by name.



You can create a copy of any document in your guest portal. The original document will stay in it’s original location. You can place the copy in another folder or vault.

To create a copy of a document:

  1. Select the document you want to copy and click Actions actions_button.png.
  2. Select Copy from the Actions menu.


  3. In Manage Files, select the checkbox for the folder you want to place the copy in and click Save changes.


Previewing Documents

You can view your files without saving them on your computer, download, print, and copy documents from the preview page. Details on the right shows you more information about the file, such as the file location and who has access to the document.


Customizing Your Preview

To navigate your preview:

  • Enter a page number or click the arrows at the bottom of the preview to see a specific page
  • Click Thumbnails thumbnail_icon.png to see the document pages' miniature previews and go to a selected page
  • Use - and + or select any of the pre-defined zooming levels of 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% to zoom in or out on the document


Downloading, Printing, and Copying Documents from the Preview Page

Quickly manage your document from the preview page:

  • Click Download to save the file to your device
  • Click Actions actions_button.png and select Open or Print PDF to open the file on your PDF reader or to print it
  • Select Copy from the Actions menu to store a copy of the file in a different folder
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