Downloading and Locating Your Files as a Guest User

GUEST USER You are a Guest User if you've been invited by a paid subscriber to access SmartVault through a shared portal

As a Guest User on SmartVault, you can download any files your service provider shares. Whether it's a tax form, an organizer, a contract, or any other document, you can securely download it directly to your computer. Downloading your files may be necessary when you want to work offline or keep a local copy of your files.

This article guides you through downloading files and locating them on your device.


Please ensure you have an active SmartVault Guest Account and are logged in to the SmartVault Portal to download files.

Downloading your Files

To download a file:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Enter the email and password you used to activate your guest account and click Sign In.


    If you have forgotten your password, click Can't sign in? and follow the instructions to reset your password.

  3. Once logged in, select View Files and Folders on the left-hand navigation bar or click the View Your Documents button in the "All Your Documents, One Place" box.
  4. Click the folder with your name or company name; we refer to this particular folder as a "Vault". Here is where the person who invited you to SmatVault (like your accountant or tax preparer) has shared files with you.
  5. Navigate to the specific folder with the file(s) you want to download. For instance, if you're looking to download a tax organizer, you would go to Tax Returns > TYXX > Client Organizer. The same approach applies to other types of documents such as tax returns and contracts.
    GV - FF Client Organizer folder TY23+.png

    GV - Tax Organizer TY23.png
  6. Click Actions Actions on the file you wish to download and select Download.
  7. The downloaded file should appear on the browser Downloads Bar at the bottom of your screen. Click on it to open your file.
    Here's an animated guide illustrating the steps visually. If it appears too small, simply click the Expand icon KB - Expand icon.png in the bottom right corner to enlarge it. 
    Downloading Files as a Guest User.gif
    If the downloaded file doesn't appear on the Downloads Bar, you can find it following these steps.

Previewing and Downloading a File

To preview the file before downloading:

  1. Click the document to open a preview.
  2. Click Download to download the tax return to your computer, or click Back to close the preview page.
Previewing and Downloading a File as a Guest User.gif

Locating your Downloaded Files

After downloading, you may wonder where to find the file on your computer. By default, most web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge store downloaded files in a preset "Downloads" folder unless you've changed the default settings.

To find your downloaded file:

  1. Open your computer's "File Explorer." You can find it on your taskbar—typically represented by a yellow folder icon—or by searching for "File Explorer" in your start menu.
  2. You should see a folder labeled Downloads on the left-hand side. Click on it.
  3. Your most recent downloads should appear at the top of the list in this folder. 


    If you've changed your browser settings and selected a different folder for downloads, you must navigate to that folder to locate your downloaded files.

Remember, if you need further assistance or have other questions, please visit our Help Center or contact our Support Team.

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