Understanding the Assign Employees Feature

The Assign Employees feature in SmartVault gives you greater control over client access among employees.

Assigned Employees can only see and work with the clients assigned to them, with full functionality based on their role as a Firm Manager or Firm Employee. This ensures the privacy and security of your client's data while providing your employees with the information they need. 

This feature is helpful for medium to large firms with multiple clients wanting to segregate access to various clients.

How it works

When Assigned Employees access SmartVault, they can:

  • Manage and filter clients specifically assigned to them.
  • Utilize the full suite of vault functionality, based on their roles as Firm Manager or Employee. 
  • Send tax returns, organizers, and financial statements only to the clients they manage.
  • Receive notifications only from their group of clients.

Assigned Employees Roles

Understanding the Assigned Employee roles within SmartVault is essential for effective client and task management. Each role has specific privileges and limitations designed to streamline your workflow and enhance security. Below is a table outlining the various roles and their associated permissions in SmartVault:

Role What they can do?
    • Manage Billing
    • Modify templates (email/folder)
    • Update all custom branding
    • Create and manage all clients
    • Have a separate view to manage clients assigned to them
    • Option to receive notifications only from clients assigned to them
Account Employee
    • Create and manage all clients
    • Have a separate view to manage clients assigned to them
    • Option to receive notifications only from clients assigned to them
Assigned Employee
    • They are marked specifically as Assigned Employees
    • Can manage the files and folders of their assigned clients
    • Have the option to receive notifications only from the clients assigned to them

Adding an Assigned Employee

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Select Manage Employees in the left sidebar.


  3. Click on the + Add Employee button.


    This option will be greyed out if no additional licenses are available in your SmartVault account.

  4. Enter the employee's information and select Assigned Employee. Fields marked with an asterisk* are mandatory.
  5. Select the Invite Employee checkbox if you want to send an invitation immediately, then click Save.

Assigning Employees to Clients

Using the Assigned Employee feature, you can grant employees access to multiple clients simultaneously.


Use this feature with caution, as each client assignment generates a separate email notification.

To assign employees to clients:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Select Client Management in the left sidebar.
  3. Select the client(s) you want to assign the employee.
  4. Click Actions Actions_icon.png next to Add Client in your client list and choose Assign Employees.
  5. In Assign Employees, you will see the currently assigned employees for the client(s). Adjust their roles by clicking on the role name, or unassign employees using the trash can icon next to the employee name.


  6. Click + Add Employee.


  7. Select the employee(s) you want to assign to the client from the Available Employees section. The selected names will move to the Employees to Add section. Select their role from the dropdown menu and then click Save.



    • Select the Firm Manager checkbox to give the employee complete access permissions, including granting read and write access permissions to other employees for these clients. They also can invite clients or guest users. If you do not select the checkbox, the employee has Firm employee permissions, including reading, writing, creating, and deleting access permissions. Firm employees cannot grant access permissions to other users.
    • Firm Managers and Firm Employees are granted access from the Folder Template. See the Managing Folder Templates for help with giving access to them.
  8. The employee is added and assigned to the client(s).
  9. Click Close.

Verifying Assignments

After assigning employees, it might take a short time for the changes to reflect. To confirm the assignments are completed:

  1. From the Portal, select View Files and Folders in the left sidebar.
    FF - Left nav.png
  2. Navigate to the client vault, click its Actions Actions icon.png button, and choose Properties.
  3. Click the Manage Group Members tab. Your employees should appear under Firm Managers, Firm Employees, or both categories.

Filtering your Assigned Clients

As an administrator or account employee, you can use the My Clients filter to easily manage those clients assigned to you.

SmartVault Portal SmartVault Connected Desktop
  1. From the Portal, select Client Management in the left sidebar.
  2. Click on Filters and toggle My Clients only.
  3. Your screen will update, displaying only your assigned clients.


    The My Clients Only checkbox will not be visible for Assigned Employees as they will only see the list of clients assigned to them.

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