SmartVault Training Webinars

SmartVault offers free training and educational webinars weekly. Join other like-minded firms and get expert advice, best practices, and workflows. Select from the list of live or pre-recorded training webinars below that best fits your educational needs.


Webinar_Icon.pngSmartVault Fundamentals

New to SmartVault? Sign up for our 60-minute Webinar covering everything there is to know about SmartVault! This is in-depth training for Admin Users who want to understand how to set up & customize their SmartVault account and some best practices for using the software.

Audience: Beginner

Webinars with a SmartVault Onboarding Manager

Webinar_Icon.pngSmartvault Staff Training 

Need a SmartVault refresher before jumping into Tax Season? Sign up for our 30-minute webinar covering frequently used skills like adding clients & documents, sharing with clients, and other general how-to’s!

Audience: Beginner, Accounting & Tax, All Staff

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Webinar_Icon.pngRequest Docs Fundamentals

Request Docs is a new and efficient way to ask your clients for a list of documents they can easily upload. Sign-up for this webinar to learn more about SmartVault’s newest feature and how you can use it to streamline your workflow this Tax Season!

Audience: Beginner, Administrator

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Webinar_Icon.pngSmartVault + DocuSign Fundamentals

Join a member of the SmartVault Customer Success team as we go through how to utilize DocuSign within SmartVault.

Audience: Beginner, Administrator

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Webinar_Icon.pngSmartVault Admin Training - Accounting Pro UK

Join a member of Customer Success as we walk through your Administrative settings. We will be covering an overview of your SmartVault account along with the setup of different features in your SmartVault account, including Custom Branding, Clients, and Folder Templates.

Audience: Beginner, Administrator, UK Customers

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