Sending Multiple Documents From SmartVault To DocuSign


You can send multiple documents from SmartVault using DocuSign. The documents you send can be for e-signature or as supporting documents for viewing only. All the documents go into an “envelope.” DocuSign charges per envelope rather than per document.


You must integrate your DocuSign account with SmartVault before you can use the Get Signature feature.

Including Multiple Documents in an Envelope

  1. Highlight the document and click the Get Signature button, which will open your document in DocuSign.


  2. Click the arrow in the top left corner.


  3. Click Upload to select other documents on your network. If you need to select SmartVault documents, the Mapped Drive needs to be set up (you can do this on Windows and Mac operating systems).


  4. Once other documents are uploaded, click NEXT. You will see all the documents on the right-hand side, select which documents need to be signed, use the DocuSign tags on the left to specify what information you need from the signers.



The one original document you selected from SmartVault will be updated in SmartVault once signed in DocuSign, creating a new version of the document (if the user requested a signature). Any documents added using the upload option will not be automatically updated in SmartVault as DocuSign does not retain their path. You can drag these documents from DocuSign into the original folder (which will prompt the user to ask if they wish to update the document).

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