November 2020 Release Notes

 Release Date: November 30, 2020

New Billing Experience for UK Customers!

SmartVault is launching a new billing engine for UK-based customers to aid in better reporting, billing in multiple currencies, and allow non-developers to modify billing details.

The new experience is simple and easy to use, allowing you to streamline your SmartVault subscription and billing operations.


What was fixed?

Display of the eSignature icon for all documents inside Vaults

When you navigate to any vault from the Files and Folders view, all documents inside the vault will properly display the eSignature icon.

Hiding Add Users button when no licenses are available for the account

When all available licenses in your account are in use, the Add Users button will not be present.

User experience improvement by resolving the error message after Send Organizer

The error message referring to the Client Questionnaire displayed when sending an organizer has been resolved to improve user experience.

Format of Client Name on the client info page

The Client Name now displays correctly in the First-Middle-Last format.

License calculation to display the correct number of licenses available

The license calculation on the User Licenses screen now shows the number of licenses available rather than the number of licenses used.

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