Creating a ScanSnap Profile for the iX1500 Scanner

Profiles are pre-configured settings that allow you to quickly and easily scan and save documents using your ScanSnap iX1500 scanner. Creating profiles for the SmartVault Inbox and SmartVault Toolbar can streamline your document management process and save time.


Before creating profiles for your iX1500 scanner in SmartVault, ensure you have the ScanSnap Home installed and integrated with SmartVault.

Creating the SmartVault Profiles

  1. Open ScanSnap Home.


  2. Click Settings and select Scan Settings.


  3. In ScanSnap Home - Scan, click the Add profiles button.


  4. In Add new profile, select a template profile from the left list. SmartVault Toolbar and SmartVault Inbox are listed under the Associated application group.
  5. In Add new profile, most of the information for the profile, including the profile name and scan settings, is entered automatically. Make changes as needed and click Add
  6. The SmartVault Toolbar or SmartVault Inbox is added to the list of profiles.


  7. (Optional) To test the integration, open the Connected Desktop and select the folder you wish to scan. Then, click the Scan button on your iX1500 scanner. Once the document has finished scanning, you’ll receive the Upload File – SmartVault window to choose where to scan it.


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