Manually Create a ScanSnap Profile for the Fujitsu iX1500 Scanner


  • The ScanSnap Home must be installed.
  • Clicking on Fujitsu ScanSnap Setup > Create Profiles on the SmartVault LaunchPad underneath Scanner Integration failed.


Creating the Profile

  1. Open ScanSnap Home.


  2. Click Settings and select Preferences.


  3. Click Application, and then, Add or Remove to open the Application Settings window.


  4. Click Add to add a new application.


  5. Click Browse... to search for the SmartVault Scanner application.


  6. Navigate to This PC > Windows (C:) > Program Files (x86) > SmartVault, and select the application to add:
    • For the Toolbar, select the SVault.Client.ScanReceived.exe file (blue highlight).
    • For the Inbox, select the SVault.Client.ScanReceivedInbox.exe file (green highlight).
    • Then, click Open.


  7. In the Display name field, 
    • Type "SmartVault Toolbar" if you chose the blue highlight from the previous step.
    • Type "SmartVault Inbox" if you chose the green highlight in the previous step.
    • Then click OK.


  8. The newly added application appears in the Available applications list. Click Close to close the window.


  9. Click Settings and select Scan Settings from the menu. 


  10. The ScanSnap Home - Scan window opens. Click the Create new scan profile button.


  11. Select ScanSnap Home.


  12. Based on your selection from step #6 above, change the Profile name to:
    • “SmartVault Toolbar” if you chose the blue highlight
    • “SmartVault Inbox” if you chose the green highlight


    Under Application near the bottom of the window, select “SmartVault Toolbar” or “SmartVault Inbox” accordingly (you may receive a popup here asking if you want to continue. If so, click Yes). Then click Add.

  13. Back within the ScanSnap Home – Scan window, ensure that the SmartVault Toolbar or SmartVault Inbox is selected like shown. This will make that scanner the default. 


  14. To test out the integration, open up the Connected Desktop and select the folder you wish to scan to. Then, click the physical “Scan” button on your Fujitsu iX1500 scanner. Once the document has finished scanning, you’ll receive the Upload File – SmartVault window to choose where you’d like to scan the document to.


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