June 2021 Release Notes

Release Date: June 29, 2021

Introducing DocuSign Subscription!

We are offering DocuSign Subscription as part of the SmartVault eSignature solution. The feature gives you the ability to enable DocuSign on your account, giving you the ability to route documents for signature.

SmartVault offers flexibility in billing for this feature:

  • Pay-as-you-go billing - you can purchase and manage an inventory of envelopes used to route documents for signature.
  • Subscription billing - you can add DocuSign on your annual subscription* to enable all SmartVault users the ability to route documents for signature.
    • There is no inventory to manage; users can use as many eSignature envelopes as they need throughout the year**.
    • *Subscription billing is only offered on the annual billing terms.

Switch from pay-as-you-go to subscription and enjoy more benefits and visibility.

**Reasonable Use Policy


      • DocuSign Subscription is available for all SmartVault customers on annual plans. If you are on a monthly plan, you can upgrade to an annual plan on your Billing page or contact our Support Team to assist.
      • DocuSign Subscription does not include Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBAs). To use KBA envelopes, they must be purchased separately on the Purchase Signature add-on page in SmartVault Settings.

Billing Settings page (Enablement)


Usage Statistics page (Track usage data)


What is in it for me?

A more simple workflow to use DocuSign. 

What is new?

UK Business Plan

SmartVault now supports a plan in the UK designed for non-accounting firms. 

Activity log for Request Docs feature

Activity Log now captures several Request Docs actions to allow you to audit the Request Docs workflow. 

Usage Statistics page

You can now view usage data regarding your account with the newly created Usage Statistics page. 

What was updated?

Display name of the user that has locked a file

The Connected Desktop now shows the user that has locked a file. Right-click on the file and select Properties to see who has locked the file.

Enabling Request Docs feature for Assigned Employees

The Request Docs functionality is now available to Assigned Employees.

What was fixed?

"Activate" link sent after client attempts to log in

The activation link is now working when a user tries to retrieve a new activation link. 

Changes to the "Client Type Qualifier" after creation

We are preventing the Client Type Qualifier from being changed once it is set. This is done to ensure that our customers using Intuit Tax integrations are not at risk.

Tables sorting does not span across pages

The sorting issues on all tables that spanned multiple pages in now resolved.

Required file indicator on Request Docs forms

We have added an indicator (red asterisk) to the Request Docs form to identify Required files.

User experience improvement for Request Docs feature on mobile devices

When scrolling Request Docs forms on mobile devices, the items above the header are no longer visible.

Punctuation error in Request Docs UK template

The punctuation issue with the last question in the Request Docs UK template is now fixed.


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