Adding DocuSign Subscription to your SmartVault Account


SmartVault offers you the ability to enable DocuSign on your account, giving you the ability to route documents for signature.

Flexible billing options

SmartVault offers flexibility in billing for this feature:

  • Pay-as-you-go billing - you can purchase and manage an inventory of envelopes used to route documents for signature.
  • Subscription billing - you can add DocuSign on your annual subscription* to enable all SmartVault users the ability to route documents for signature.
    • There is no inventory to manage; users can use as many eSignature envelopes as they need throughout the year**.
    • *Subscription billing is only offered on the annual billing terms.

Switch from pay-as-you-go to subscription and enjoy more benefits and visibility.


      • DocuSign Subscription is available for all SmartVault customers on annual plans. If you are on a monthly plan, you can upgrade to an annual plan on your Billing page or contact our Support Team to assist.
      • DocuSign Subscription does not cover Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBAs). To use KBA envelopes, they must be purchased separately on the Purchase Signature add-on page in SmartVault Settings.
      • **Reasonable Use Policy

Enabling the DocuSign Subscription 

SmartVault includes an allowance of up to 100 sent envelopes per user/per year. This allowance is consistent with DocuSign's published usage across the DocuSign user base and is sufficient for most businesses. Following SmartVault's Reasonable Use Policy, if you exceed the annual envelope allowance pool on your account, SmartVault will not prevent your users from sending envelopes for eSignature. Here is an example; if you have 5 SmartVault users on your account, the combined annual allowance would be 500 envelopes.


You must be an Account Administrator to enable the DocuSign Subscription on your SmartVault account.

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click the initials at the top right corner of the page and select Settings.


  3. Under Account Settings, click Billing.


  4. In the Update Plan section, ensure your account is on an annual plan.



    If your Billing page does not look like the image above, please contact your SmartVault salesperson to purchase the DocuSign Subscription.

  5. Tick the checkbox for “Enable DocuSign as a Subscription.” 



    SmartVault will automatically update the DocuSign as a Subscription Users quantity field. The quantity is based on the total users on the account and cannot be independently changed. 

  6. Click Save to complete adding DocuSign Subscription to your account.

Tracking DocuSign Usage Data

Use the following steps to view the usage data of DocuSign related to your account.

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click the initials at the top right corner of the page and select Settings.


  3. Under Manage Account, click Usage Statistics.


  4. The Usage Statistics page opens. In the bottom right section, you can review usage on your account for both DocuSign subscription and pay-as-you-go billing options.
    • DocuSign Subscription 


    • DocuSign Pay as you go