July 2021 Release Notes

 Release Date: August 2, 2021

Say hello to the new Files and Folders experience!

The new Files and Folders experience is a continuation of the SmartVault initiative toward a consistent User Interface bringing the same look and feel across all application components and features.

A clean and fresh look, easier to navigate and take actions. 



To see the new Files and Folders experience, you must set your view preferences to "2020 New View".

Exploring the new experience

To access the Files and Folder view, select Files and Folders from the left navigation.


Files and Folders features-


  1. Shortcuts bar - the new feature allows adding shortcuts to favorite folders.
    • Ability to browse vaults and folders and mark them as a favorite.
    • Ability to remove a favorite.
  2. Breadcrumbs - shows your current location within the Files and Folders structure and offers you the ability to navigate to previous steps quickly.
  3. Search - locate a specific file or document within the vault or folder.
  4. Sort - sort files and folders by file/folder Name.
  5. Refresh.png Refresh - reloads your Files and Folders view to reflect the latest actions to your files and folders.
  6. Add.png Add - add a new vault or a new container.
  7. FF_-_upload.png Upload - upload files from your device to a vault, container, or folder.
  8. Actions.png Actions - give you options to rename, copy, see properties, and delete a selected vault/container/folder.
  9. Details pane - (right pane) displays the selected vault's detailed information and the available actions.
  10. Page controls - when you have more items than your Rows per page (selectable to 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100), you can navigate multiple pages.

What was updated?

Shortcuts bar on Files and Folders view for Guest users

The shortcuts bar is now available on the Files and Folders view for Guest users.


  • Ability to browse vaults and folders and mark them as a favorite
  • Ability to remove a favorite


Ability to add Description to file on the File Preview page

When previewing a file using the File Preview feature, you have the ability to add a description for the file by clicking on the pencil icon on the Details pane (right pane).


Title and Description messaging for Request Docs modal

The Request Docs modal is updated with a clearer and more user-friendly title and overall messaging. 

Enabling changes to the "Client Type Qualifier"

Enabling customers to change the Client Type Qualifier once it is set in SmartVault at the time of client creation.

Ability to download previous versions of the file on the File Preview page

A link to download previous versions of the file has been added to the version history modal on the File Preview page.


What was fixed?

The "Get Outlook Plug-in" link on the Explore SmartVault dialog

Clicking the "Get Outlook Plug-in" link on the Explore SmartVault dialog correctly directs customers to the page to download the Outlook plug-in.

User experience improvement by resolving the "Unable to save client" error

The commonly encountered error when using a custom type qualifier that is longer than 18 characters, "Unable to save client" has now been resolved to improve user experience.

The link on the Billing page to see the Reasonable Use policy

The text for the link to see the Reasonable Use policy has been updated on the Billing page.

"Activate" link sent after client attempts to log in

The activation link is now working when a user tries to retrieve a new activation link. 

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