August 2021 Release Notes

 Release Date: September 7, 2021

Introducing Archive Clients in the Connected Desktop!

We are listening; your vote matters! You voted on the Archive Clients feature via our SmartVault Ideas Portal.

Archive Clients offers SmartVault administrators the ability to archive specific clients you no longer do business with a simple click. The feature preserves the client's data, but their names no longer appear in your current clients' list in the Connected Desktop.


    • Archive Clients is only available in the Connected Desktop.
    • Archive Clients is only available for SmartVault structured plans.
    • Archive Clients is not available for Mac users.

How it works

From your Clients view, right-click on the client you want to archive and select Archive client.


You have the option to preserve or remove the client access. Archive_client_options.png


The employees' access remains so they can still access client data.

SmartVault administrators can quickly restore archived client vaults from the Archived Clients area on the Portal if the client returns.


View and manage all your archived clients. 


  Stay tuned!

In near upcoming releases, SmartVault will be adding:

    • Ability to archive clients from the Portal.
    • Archived Client Indicator in the Files and Folders view to give you the ability to identify archived clients quickly. 

What is new?

Copy and Move files across accounts and folders in the new Files and Folders view

Keep your files organized by using the functionality to Copy and Move files across accounts and folders in the new Files and Folders view. 

Changes to the Item Properties page

The Item Properties page now contains two additional tabs: My Notifications Settings and Activity Log.

  • My Notifications Settings - Modify your notifications settings and control when to get email notifications for uploaded, viewed, and downloaded files. Access the Actions button for the Client/Vault/Folder, select Properties, and click the My Notifications Settings tab.


  • Activity Log - Audit who has accessed your sensitive documents and monitor the events that have been recorded in the activity log. Access the Actions button for the Client/Vault/Folder, select Properties, and click the Activity Log tab.


What was updated?

Learn How to Configure your Account Tile is now the Actions Tile on the Home page

The Learn How to Configure your Account tile is reconfigured and repurposed as the Actions tile, offering links to navigate you to the product's respective page to perform the action.

Learn_how_to_configure_your_account_tile.png  Actions_tile.png

Error messages improvement

We strive to improve usability as we develop new features by providing more friendly and helpful error messages.

What was fixed?

Shortcuts for closed Vaults in the Guest User Interface

When deleting a vault with shortcuts to folders within the vault, the shortcuts are removed from the Shortcuts bar in the Guest user interface.

Move Company tab to be visible only at the Company folder level

The Move Company tab in the Item Properties page is now visible only at the company folder level to prevent you from moving QuickBooks company files to subfolders of the company folder and to avoid receiving error messages generated with the move. 

Copy and Move modal in the Files and Folders view to display the complete list of clients' vaults

When performing Copy and Move actions, the Modal is no longer limited to showing 50 client vaults, displaying now the complete list of clients vaults or folders.

Pagination in the Files and Folders view

The pagination is corrected to allow you to navigate to all pages in the Files and Folders view.

Spinner no longer visible in the Details pane

When accessing the Files and Folders view, the spinner is only visible in the main pane (center).

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