November 2021 Release Notes

 Release Date: December 1, 2021

Say hello to the new Client Management experience!

The new Client Management experience continues the SmartVault initiative toward a consistent User Interface bringing the same look and feel across all application components and features.

A clean and fresh look, easier to navigate and take actions



To see the new Client Management experience, you must set your view preferences to "2020 New View".

Exploring the new experience

To access the Client Management view, select Client Management from the left navigation.


Client Management features-


  1. Client Status Filter tabs - filter your client list by status. Each tab displays the number of clients in the list for each status.


    Client Status Filter tabs will not be visible to assigned employees.

  2. Search - locate a specific client. Start typing the client's name (client's first or last name or a company name) in the search field, and the suggestions will appear as you type.
  3. Filters - filter your clients by Client Type or view only the clients assigned to you.
  4. Add Client - add new clients to your SmartVault.
  5. Actions_icon.png Actions - give you options to perform additional actions on selected clients.
    • Add engagements to your clients
    • Export your client list to a CSV file
    • Merge clients (This option will only be visible when 2 clients are selected)
    • Invite clients
    • Assign employees
    • Archive clients
  6. Sort - sort the client list by Client Name.
  7. CM_-_Vault_icon.png Client Vault - navigate to the Files and Folders view.

Click on any client to open the Client Details page. 



Click the client's vault icon to navigate to the Files and Folders view. 



What's new?

Support for Intuit Lacerte TY21 Edition

SmartVault supports the Lacerte integration for the Tax Year 2021.

Support for Intuit ProSeries TY21 Edition

SmartVault supports the ProSeries integration for the Tax Year 2021.

Option for using an alternative process to edit files

The new option allows SmartVault to use an improved method to edit files in the SmartVault Connected Desktop.

What was updated?

Usage Statistics page 

Updates to the Usage Statistics page to display the correct information. 

Folder Template Manager 

The Folder Template Manager is now preventing users from renaming the root folder on the client vault.

What was fixed?

Permission issue within the SmartVault Connected Desktop

Fixed a permission issue within the SmartVault Connected Desktop to improve usability.

User experience improvement for the Recycle Bin tab

Better experience for the recycle bin usage by resolving the error message when loading the tabs.

Client list on Archived Clients page

The client list displays correctly on the Archived Clients page.

Archive Clients by Assigned Employees 

Assigned employees are now able to archive their clients.

Ad-blockers and AppCues handling 

Fixed the issues around AppCues and another ad-blocking technology to improve usability.

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