Compatibility Issues with QuickBooks Desktop 2022

It was quickly brought to our attention that due to the latest QuickBooks Desktop 2022 release, the SmartVault Toolbar is no longer functioning as intended. We are working rapidly alongside our partner, Intuit, to resolve this issue. To ensure the use of the SmartVault Toolbar within QuickBooks Desktop, you will need to remain on the 2021 version until we release the solution.  The issue is not impacting anyone with the QuickBooks Online integration.

If you have already upgraded to QuickBooks 2022, you will not view the SmartVault Toolbar within QuickBooks. You can, however:

  • View historical documents in the portal.
  • Temporarily upload supporting documents into The SmartVault Inbox. When the integration for QuickBooks Desktop is resolved, you can then attach the documents stored in the SmartVault Inbox to your QuickBooks transactions.

View Historical Documents in the Portal

You can find historical documents attached to your old QuickBooks transactions by using the folders view in the SmartVault Portal.

Typically, the folder path looks similar to the path below.


  1. Log in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click on View Files and Folders on the left sidebar.


  3. Navigate to the folder path where your Integration is stored. The folder path is similar to the path shown below:


  Pro Tip

You can use the search bar feature to search a document by name, like an invoice #.

Temporarily upload supporting documents into The SmartVault Inbox

If you have supporting documents to be attached to your QuickBooks transactions, you can temporarily upload the documents using the SmartVault Inbox tool. Once the integration with QuickBooks Desktop 2022 is resolved, you can go to your recent QuickBooks transactions and attach the documents from the Inbox.

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