January 2022 Release Notes

 Release Date: January 18, 2022

What is new?

Support for the 64-bit version of QuickBooks Desktop 2022 editions

SmartVault provides support for the 64-bit version of QuickBooks Desktop 2022 editions. 

Ability to add an engagement from the Engagements tab on the client details page

Users can now add an engagement from the Engagements tab on the client details page.

What was updated?

Get Link option within the Actions button (ellipses) on the Request Docs page

The new option provides the ability to get a link to a Request Docs request so that it can be used in an email to a client. 


A default Type Qualifier for Entity type on UK Accounting Plans

The UK accounts to have a default Type Qualifier when creating an Entity type account. 

Responsive Sign-in page

The SmartVault Sign-in page is now responsive on mobile screens. It is easier to view and log in. 

Message improvement for the "More Actions" modal when creating a client

A blurb message displays on the More Actions modal to warn users that selecting "Send a Request Doc" will automatically enable by default the actions "Invite the Client" and "Add Engagement."


What was fixed?

User experience improvement for Assign Employees

Better experience when assigning employees to clients by providing Firm User as the default selection and providing an opportunity to promote the employee to a Firm Manager. 

Security vulnerability patch on 3rd party software ImageMagick

Patched a security vulnerability on our servers related to a 3rd party file rendering software (ImageMagick).

Correct BillingType is added to the database when an assisted sale occurs via Chargebee to support the Seasonal Worker issue

We resolved an issue where the user could not assign seasonal licenses in some instances.

Sorting feature when switching Client Status Filter tabs

The sorting feature won't reset when a sort is applied to one of the status filters tabs and the user clicks on a different status filter tab.


Assigned Employees Basic Permissions

We fixed some fundamental permission issues for assigned employees.

  1. Allow assigned employees to edit the contact information on the clients assigned to them.
  2. Add Client button hidden for assigned employees as they are not allowed to add clients to the SmartVault account.
  3. Prevent assigned employees from editing their roles as firm employees.
  4. Assigned employee as a firm employee for a client must not be able to edit other assigned employee access to that client. Only admins account employees and assigned employees as a firm manager can do this.

The client status on the client details page and the client status filter tab in Client Management is consistent

The client invitation status is now consistent on both the Client Management page and the client details page.

Ability to remove the "Preparer" on the new/edit client details pages

Users can now remove the selected "Preparer" and leave the field blank when creating or editing a client.

The Entity client icon to show Entity name

The Entity client icon shows the Entity name rather than the contact initials.

Enablement of Filter button for Send To if there are no results returned

The Send To filter button is not disabled if no results are produced on the client details page.

Client initials icon to display correctly on the client details page

The client initials icon shows the correct initials instead of the initials of the first contact.

Type Qualifier for Business plans

Users can now add type qualifiers when creating clients in the Business plans. The type qualifier lets you organize the client type into different categories. For example, if the client type is an entity (business), the client type qualifiers can be Corporate, S-Corp, Partnership, Estate, etc. If the client type is a person, the type qualifier can be Individual, Sole Proprietor, etc.

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