February 2022 Release Notes

 Release Date: March 8, 2022

What is new?

Support for simultaneously attaching files to both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of QuickBooks Desktop

Users with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of QuickBooks Desktop can simultaneously attach files to both toolbars.

What was updated?

Client Details page

The refreshed modal highlights the mandatory fields with missing data, giving users the scope of what is required to save the client successfully. 


SmartVault API updates

The SmartVault API is updated to allow uploading a document with a tag and route it properly to the tagged folder.

Preserve user permissions when updating templates

When updating a template, any individual user permissions added through the Access and Notifications settings are preserved on the folders the template is applied to.

Add Engagement modal updates

The name of the Add Tax Engagement modal has changed to Add Engagement and the default year (current) if the Tax Engagement is selected. 

Install Desktop App tile on home page


A message will appear with additional information. Clicking the Learn More link will navigate the user to the support article with instructions to install the desktop app.


What was fixed?

Preserving applied filters in Client Management

When the user opens the Client Details page, clicking the Back button will return the user to the same state and retain any filters applied in Client Management. 

Custom logo on product emails

Custom brand logos are now reflected in outgoing product emails.

"Email Template" and "Manage Folder Templates" to load data for account names with special characters

Ability to customize "Email Templates" and "Manage Folder Templates" when account name has special characters.

Connected Desktop login issues

Users can log in to the Connected Desktop with no issues after recent updates to the Windows .NET Framework.

Select Specific Template dropdown in Add Engagement and Add Project dialogs

Users now can select a "Specific Template" when adding an engagement or project from the Engagements and Projects tabs on the Client Details page.

Creating Request Doc for Entity client via More Actions dialog

The Request Docs modal will open correctly when creating an Entity client and selecting "Request Docs" via the More Actions dialog.


Display of folder context when uploading files in the Files and Folders view

When a user clicks Upload upon selecting a folder in the Files and Folders view, the context in the Upload modal displays the correct folder.


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