Configuring Download Options for the SmartVault Bulk File Download Tool

The SmartVault Bulk File Download Tool gives you a way to download whole folder structures from SmartVault in bulk. You can select the folders you want to download and go.

Using this tool, you can:

  • Download hundreds of megabytes or gigabytes of data from SmartVault, even while your users continue to work.
  • Not worry about losing your network connection. If your network connection is lost, this tool will keep retrying until your network connection comes back up.

Click here for instructions on installing the SmartVault Bulk File Upload and Download Tool.

Running the Bulk File Download Tool

Once installed and authenticated, you will be presented with two options:


Click on the Bulk File Download Tool option. You will see a screen like this:


Select the source and destination folder to download to the local machine.

  • SmartVault Source Folder - Select a SmartVault folder or vault to download.
  • Local Destination Folder - Select where to download the folders and files to. 

Once you click Download, the download will start promptly.


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