Integrating Liscio with SmartVault

The SmartVault-Liscio integration allows you to attach documents stored in SmartVault to a message in Liscio. When the client logs in to Liscio and views the message thread, they can also view the documents attached.

The files sent from SmartVault are automatically stored in the client's file section in Liscio.

Setting up the Integration

  1. Log in to Liscio.
  2. Click your profile from the left pane (bottom).
  3. Select Third-party Apps and click Connect under SmartVault.
  4. Sign in with your SmartVault credentials.
  5. Click Allow on the Request for Access screen.
  6. Copy the User PIN provided and click Close.
  7. Enter your Email address, paste the User Pin, and click Proceed to establish the connection.
  8. The Liscio Dashboard refreshes, and SmatVault appears as Connected.

Attaching a document from SmartVault when creating a message

  1. Create a New message in Liscio.
  2. Select Browse to search for the document you want to attach.
  3. Select SmartVault.
  4. Select the document you want to upload from SmartVault as an attachment and click Upload.

  5. Continue composing the email in Liscio and click Send.
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