April 2022 Release Notes

 Release Date: April 28, 2022

Say hello to the new Manage Employees experience!

The new Manage Employees experience continues the SmartVault initiative toward a consistent User Interface bringing the same look and feel across all application components and features.

A clean and fresh look, easier to navigate and to take actions



To see the new Manage Employees experience, you must set your view preferences to "2020 New View".

Exploring the new experience

Select Manage Employees from the left navigation to access the Manage Employees dashboard.


The Manage Employees experience features:


  1. Information Bar – preview your employees' license usage (number of licenses used and available for the account).
  2. Upgrade Plan - clicking the link takes you to the Billing page so you can manage your plan (add/remove licenses).
  3. Add Employee - add new employees to your SmartVault.
  4. Actions_icon.png Actions - give you options to perform additional actions on selected employees.
    • Invite Employees
    • Delete Employees
  5. Invite_icon.pngInvite - invite the employee to the account with a simple click. 
  6. Delete_icon.pngDelete - remove the employee from the account with a simple click. Please note that only Account Administrators can delete employees.
  7. Page controls - You can navigate multiple pages with more items than your Rows per page (selectable to 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100).

Click on any employee to open the Edit Employee page.


From this page, you can only change the employee's role (i.e., Administrator, Account Employee, Assigned Employee, Seasonal Worker).


You cannot change the employee’s First Name, Last Name, Email, or Phone number once the employee is invited. Employees can make changes on their own via My Info in the User Settings area.

What was updated?

Sign in experience 

Improve the sign-in experience's performance by removing unnecessary and duplicate API calls made to the server when loading components of the home page. 

Additional logging for Chargebee requests 

We have added additional logging to Chargebee requests to make it easier to find webhook failures.

Bulk Import Employees Modal

The help text in the Bulk Import Employees modal is reformatted for a better user experience.


Bulk Import Employees Template

The Bulk Import Employees template is updated to:

  • Include a column to either invite or not the employee at the time of the import.
  • Add Seasonal Worker as a Group Membership option.
  • Remove the Middle Name column.

What was fixed?

Vault Properties to display Manage Group Members

The Manage Group Members correctly display when viewing the vault properties from the Details pane on the Vault.

Invitation emails for Employees Imported in Bulk

The Invitation emails for employees created via bulk import will include the name of the account Administrator in the email subject line.

Activation link for users invited to multiple accounts

When a non-activated user gets invited to a second account, the activation link will work correctly to allow the user to sign up as a Guest to the Vault.

Formatting for Save button on Files and Folders > Properties > My Notification Settings tab

The formatting of the Save button on the My Notification Settings tab displays capitalized.



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