June 2022 Release Notes

 Release Date: July 20, 2022

What is new?

Greenlist functionality for Certified Vault customers

The Greenlist functionality allows users to provide direct links to folders without giving the entire hierarchy so that users can share documents more efficiently. 

What was updated?

Folder Properties in the Authoritative Copy vault

Admin users can view the properties of Authoritative Copy documents and subsequent folders. 
The following properties tabs are available for the Authoritative Copy vault.

Requirement for adding external parties to the Authoritative Copy vault

Adding external parties to the Authoritative Copy vault as employees is no longer needed. Access for external parties to folders is granted via the Greeenlist functionality.

Certified Vault User Permissions

Certified Vault admin users can:

  1. Invite third-party entities (Guest users) to a read-only state to specific folders in the Authoritative Copy vault. The access is granted via the Access and Notifications settings page.
  2. Grant read-only access to employees via Manage Group Members on the Authoritative Copy vault.

Actions tile on the home page for Account and Assigned Employees

Added role-based Actions on the Account Employee and Assigned Employee home pages consistent with their permissions. 

Labels update for the Assigned Employees feature

The Assign Employees feature is now more consistent in both the Client Details modal and the Client List page with improved labeling and user experience to eliminate confusion. 

Export Employees feature

The feature is available only to Administrators and allows exporting employees' data to a CSV file. The exported file is placed in the System Reports folder.  

ImageMagick update to support HEIC files

Users can now take pictures of documents on an iOS device and can view the files in SmartVault. Before this release, these files were uploaded as HEIC files and were not supported by SmartVault. 

Clickable Plan Name in the left navigation

Administrators can now click the Plan Name in the left navigation to go directly to the Account Properties page. 

Removing Plan Name from Guest view left navigation

The customer's plan name will no longer be visible in the Guest view. 

Password security changes to allow special characters

Updated password security feature to allow previously blocked characters (less than "< "and colon ": ") in SmartVault passwords. 

What was fixed?

Authoritative Copy access workflow for external users

  • The fix includes preventing the user from,
  • Creating custom folders in the Authoritative Copy vault.
  • Uploading files to the root of the Authoritative Copy vault.
  • Deleting system-created Authoritative Copy folders.
  • Removing pre-existing custom folders. 

Changes to Greenlist folder names will reflect for the guest user

Renaming Greenlist folders will reflect the changes for the user the folder was shared with.

Only Administrators to see the Activity Log tab

The Activity Log tab on the properties menu for a vault or folder will be visible only to Administrators.

Manage Employees: Ability to change user license type

Administrators can now change the license type of users from Guest to User and promote a User to Employee.

Manage Employees' User Interface consistency

  • Cleaned up rendering inconsistencies in the layout of the Manage Employees page across devices.
  • Consistency update on the page layout to match columns across different product features.

Manage Employees' User Interface elements based on employee role

The Manage Employee page is updated to show the appropriate actions and user interface elements based on the user role (Administrator, account employee, seasonal employee, etc.).

Delete employee functionality fixes

The Delete Employee functionality has been fixed to prevent employees from accidentally removing themselves. In addition, a confirmation dialog appears before proceeding to delete an employee.

User Roles adjustments

Adjustments to user roles-

  • Firm Employees cannot assign other employees to their clients.
  • Firm Managers cannot demote themselves to Firm Employees.

Client Management filter

When filtering clients in Client Management, the page number and page selector display correctly.

Link to Request Docs form to open correctly for users not logged in to the Portal

When clicking the link in a Request Documents email, users who are not logged in to the Portal will be directed to the correct form.

Request Docs for Project Engagements

The Request Docs functionality works correctly for Project Engagements.

"Can't sign in" link for non-activated users

The "Can't sign in" link triggers the activation path for non-activated users.

The fiscal month when creating a client

The correct fiscal month will be auto-populated when creating a client.

Projects created using a non-default template

Project engagements created with specific templates will be displayed correctly in the Projects tab instead of the Engagements tab.

Validation to prevent creating folders with the same name

A validation in the Manage Folder templates feature is added to prevent users from creating folders with the same name.

Archive Clients for unnamed clients

The Archive Clients page will correctly display all archived clients if an unnamed client was archived.

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