Quickly Accessing Your Favorite Folders with Shortcuts in SmartVault

Enhance your productivity by pinning your most accessed vaults and folders to the Shortcuts Bar, prominently at the top of your SmartVault screen. This feature allows quick, direct access to frequently used areas within your account, saving you time and clicks.


Examples of Useful Shortcuts

  • Tax Return Folder: Quick Access for accountants during tax season.
  • Monthly Reports Vault:  Ideal for financial controllers reviewing regular reports.
  • Client-Specific Folders: These are useful for managers who need fast access to ongoing projects.

Benefits of Using Shortcuts

  • Efficiency: This feature reduces navigation time by placing frequently used folders at the top of the View Files and Folders page.
  • Organization: Keeps important folders and vaults visually prioritized and easy to access.
  • Customization: Tailors the interface to your workflow, making your daily tasks smoother and more intuitive.

Start by adding shortcuts to streamline your workflow and make your most-used folders instantly accessible from your View Files and Folders page.

How to Add a Shortcut

Add shortcuts to your favorite vaults and folders at the top of the screen in the Shortcuts bar. You can change or remove them as your priorities change.


You cannot create shortcuts to Containers.

  1. Open the Shortcuts Bar: Click + Add shortcuts at the top of your screen.


  2. Choose Your Favorite Folder: Navigate to the vault or folder you frequently access. Select it and click Save changes to add it to your Shortcuts bar.


    Select multiple folder checkboxes to add several shortcuts simultaneously.


  3. The selected folders will now appear as shortcuts, enabling one-click access.


Adding an Alias to a Shortcut

Customize your shortcuts by adding aliases that help you identify them quickly. An alias allows you to rename the shortcut's label without changing the actual name of the vault or folder.

To create aliases for your shortcuts:

  1. Access Edit Mode: Click Edit  edit_icon.jpg  in the Shortcuts Bar.


  2. Assign an Alias:
    1. In the Add an alias to folders dialog, type the alias name for each shortcut.
    2. Click Save changes to apply.


  3. View the Changes: The shortcuts will now appear in the Shortcuts Bar with the new alias names.


Removing a Shortcut

If you need to declutter your Shortcuts bar:

  1. Access Shortcut Settings: Click + Add in the Shortcuts bar.


  2. Deselect Unwanted Shortcuts: In Add or remove a favorite folder, uncheck the folders you no longer need quick access to, and click Save changes.


  3. The deselected shortcuts are removed from the shortcuts bar.


Using Shortcuts Efficiently

You can use the shortcuts feature effectively to maximize your productivity:

  1. Quick Access: Click on a shortcut in the Shortcuts Bar to navigate directly to the frequently used vault or folder, eliminating extra navigation steps. 
  2. Organize with Aliases: Customize shortcuts with intuitive aliases that clearly indicate a folder's contents or purpose. This reduces confusion and speeds up document access.
  3. Periodic Updates: Regularly review and update your shortcuts to match your changing workflow. Remove outdated shortcuts and add new ones that align with your current priorities.

These practices ensure that your shortcuts remain relevant and help you navigate your SmartVault account with ease.

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