Managing Documents with Docdown

You can easily manage your documents on the Docdown platform, whether it's by uploading your files, organizing them in folders, or selecting from pre-built templates available in our Forms Library. Each method ensures a tailored document creation and management experience.

Using Templates from the Forms Library

Forms Library offers professionally designed templates that you can use to create documents. 


The forms currently available in the Form Library are just the beginning! The library is continuously expanding to benefit more businesses. Expect to see regular additions to the collection in the future.

To use templates:

  1. Click Add From Library.
    DD - Add from library.png
  2. In Form Library, use the left-hand options to filter and find the appropriate templates by categories such as "All", "Business Client", and "Individual Client".
    DD - Form Library left nav.png
  3. Browse through the displayed templates. Each will have a title, a brief description, a category label, and a visual thumbnail.
  4. When you find the form you want, click on Use Template.
    DD - Form Library Use Template.png
  5. A new document is created from the selected form and opens in the Editor.
    DD - Template in editor.png
  6. Modify and adjust the fields as needed and click Save.
  7. Click Documents on the top bar to close the editor.
  8. The added document is ready for use in your workflows.
    DD - New document from template.png

Uploading Documents

  1. Click Documents from the navigation sidebar.
    DD - Documents Left nav+.png
  2. Click Upload New Document.
  3. Drag and drop your file inside the dotted area, or
  4. Click inside the drag-and-drop area to open your computer's file explorer. Select the file you want to upload, then click Open
    DD - Upload new doc area.png
  5. A confirmation message is displayed, and the uploaded file appears in Documents.

Organizing your Documents in Folders

You can efficiently manage your documents by grouping them in folders.

Creating a New Folder

  1. Click + New Folder.
  2. In Create New Folder, enter a name for the folder and click Create Folder.

The folder is created. Now, you can start organizing your documents.

Moving Documents to a Folder

  1. Select the document you want to move and click Actions DD_-_Actions_button.png.
  2. Select Move from the Actions menu.
  3. In Manage Files, select the checkbox for the folder where you want to place your document and click Save Changes.

Deleting Documents and Folders

To delete a document or a folder in Docdown:

  1. Click Documents from the navigation sidebar.
  2. Go to the document or folder you want to delete.
  3. Click Actions DD_-_Actions_button.png next to the item, then click Delete.
    DD - Actions menu - delete.png
  4. When prompted, click Delete Document/Folder to confirm.
    DD - Delete Document Confirmation.png
    DD - delete Folder Confirmation.png

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