Creating a Workflow to Send Documents to SmartVault

With Docdown, you can create and trigger workflows to automate your custom document process. Use the visual Workflow Editor to create the sequence of steps—from generation to delivery. Your clients can fill out the forms that are routed to SmartVault.

Step 1: Create and Set Up the Workflow

  1. Select Workflows from the left navigation sidebar and click + New Workflow.
  2. Choose Online Form for the trigger step.
  3. Customize the online form as needed.
  4. In the Document dropdown, select the document you want to automate. For this example, we will use the Demo Document provided.
  5. Continue making your selections for the remaining fields:
    • Fields - choose if you want to display all or select specific fields.
    • Generated File Name - add a name for the generated file. To use dynamic data from the form in the filename, click the plus sign icon [add icon] on the right and select a field you want to use in the file name.
    • Who can access the form? - decide if anyone with the link can access the form or set a password.
    • Display the document next to the form? - get a single view of the form or the PDF and the selected fields in a split-view mode.
    • Form Title - enter a title for the form.
    • Show "Download PDF" button on submission? - choose "No" to send the document to SmartVault.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Settings DD_-_Workflow_settings_icon.png to open the Workflow Settings pane.
    • Enter the Workflow Name.
    • In Notification From Email, choose the email address to send notifications for the workflow.
    • Click Save and close the pane.
  8. The trigger step is ready.

Continue to add the workflow actions.

Testing the Online Form

To test the online form:

  1. Click DD_-_Online_form_icon.png from Your Form Link to open the Online Form in a new browser tab.
  2. This preview is what your clients will see when they open the link to the Online Form.
  3. Click DD_-_Copy_form_link_icon.png to copy the link to the clipboard and share it with your clients. 

Step 2: Add Workflow Actions

In this step, we will create an action to route the filled form to the Client’s vault in SmartVault.

  1. Click Add Action and choose SmartVault Upload to Client Vault.
  2. Enter the required fields:
    • Select your SmartVault Account.
    • In File, choose generatedDocument to use the file generated from the previous step.
    • Enter a name for the Generated File Name. For this example, we entered "Intake Form" plus the fields {last_name} and {first_name}.
    • In Name Field, select the field(s) that will be used to map to a client's vault within SmartVault.
    • In Email Field, select the field that will be used to map to a client's email address.
  3. Click Save.

Step 3: Activate the Workflow

To activate the workflow, toggle the activation button at the top right of the window.


The workflow is now ready and will be triggered when the client completes the online form.


Step 4: Send the Online Form to a Client

  1. From Workflows, click the workflow to open it.
  2. In Your Form Link, click DD_-_Copy_form_link_icon.png to copy the Online Form link to the clipboard.
  3. You can paste the copied link to an email and send it to your client.
  4. When your client completes the Online Form and clicks Submit, the workflow is triggered, and the completed form is routed to the client’s vault in SmartVault.

To locate the completed form in SmartVault:

  1. Go to the SmartVault portal and select Client Management from the sidebar
  2. Click the Vault icon Vault_icon.png next to the client's name to open their vault.
  3. The workflow creates the Docdown folder inside the client’s vault. Click to open the folder and find the form completed by your client.
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