August 2022 Release Notes

 Release Date: September 20 2022

Introducing SmartVault Beta!

SmartVault Beta is a suite of two productivity tools to help you automate and improve your business workflow.



The following tools have been released for beta testing only for participants in the SmartVault Beta program


Docdown offers an easy creation process and an automated workflow to create professional, brand-consistent PDF files that your clients can fill directly into SmartVault.



Visit our help center for a guide to getting started with Docdown.


Quoters offers a quick and easy way to integrate the quoting and storage of approved quotes into SmartVault.



Visit our help center for a guide to setting up your Quoters account.

What is new?

Integrations & Zoning page for eSignature accounts

This new page allows you to create or connect an external DocuSign account within SmartVault easily. To access the page, go to Settings and click Configure Integrations


From Configure integrations, click DocuSign


You can click accordingly to Create a DocuSign account or Connect a DocuSign account and follow the prompts.


What was fixed?

Authoritative Copy Folder Permissions

When adding a new user to an Authoritative Copy folder, the permissions to Read, Create, Write, and Delete won't be available to select. 


Assigned Employees Permissions

Adjustments to the Assigned Employees' permissions. This includes:

  1. Removing the + Assign Employee button in the Client Details page from the Assigned Employees tab to prevent them from assigning employees.
  2. Access to the Assigned Employees tab for clients they are assigned to.

Consistent behavior for the Back button between the Clients and the Employees pages

When getting to the Add a client or Add an Employee from the Home Page > Actions tile, the back button will navigate the user to the Home Page keeping the behavior consistent.


Actions for Primary Contact on Manage Employees dashboard

The actions for the primary contact on the Manage Employees dashboard are adjusted to prevent the user from deleting themselves if they are a primary contact. This includes:

  1. Removing the select employee checkbox
  2. Removing the Delete Employee icon Delete_icon.png


My Notifications Settings tab options

On the Properties > My Notification Settings dialog, there is an option for "Email me when a file in the folder is viewed or downloaded." File previews do not generate a notification, so the text for the option is updated to read, "Email me when a file in the folder is downloaded."

  • Before release
  • After release
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