Adding Vaults and Containers

Files and documents are organized using vaults and containers in SmartVault. Understanding these two key components will help you customize and efficiently manage your digital workspace.

Understanding Vaults and Containers

What is a Vault?

A Vault in SmartVault acts as a secure digital storage space designated for files and documents. Each vault can be dedicated to a specific client, project, or business area, with customized access permissions to ensure data security and confidentiality. For instance, you might have individual vaults for each client containing all relevant documents for easy access and management.

What is a Container?

A Container is an organizational unit within SmartVault that groups multiple vaults under a common category. This higher-level organization aids in managing your account by allowing you to categorize related vaults, simplifying navigation through large volumes of data, and managing permissions on a broader scale.

Your SmartVault account includes three default containers to get you started:

  • Client
  • Employees
  • Firm

SmartVault automatically creates a vault within the Client container for each new client you add through Client Management or import from an Intuit product.

Customizing Your Account Structure

The container and vault structure is fully customizable. You can add vaults and containers to set up a vault and folder structure that works best for you and your organization. Your SmartVault account representative is ready to help you create an efficient Vault and folder structure —contact them for help.


Adding a New Container

Adding new containers can help you organize your files and folders more effectively. 

To add a new container to View Files and Folders or within another container:

  1. Go to View Files and Folders or select a container. Click Add and select New container.
  2. In Create new container, enter a Container name and click Create container.

Adding a New Vault

Adding new vaults is simple, regardless of whether they are being added to the main directory or within a specific container.

To add a new vault to View Files and Folders or inside a container:

  1. Go to View Files and Folders or select container. Click Add and select New vault.
  2. In Create new vault, enter a Vault name, then click Create vault.

You can keep your SmartVault account organized, accessible, and secure by using vaults and containers.

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