Sales Tax FAQ

Why am I being charged for sales tax?

For customers in the United States, SmartVault is required to charge and collect sales tax in certain jurisdictions with laws requiring the taxation of our products where SmartVault has a physical presence or has reached certain financial thresholds within that jurisdiction. These taxes vary by jurisdiction but include sales and special or privilege taxes.

For customers in the United States where SmartVault's products are taxable but SmartVault does not have a physical presence or has not yet reached financial thresholds, no sales tax will be charged. However, this may change in the future due to changes in the law or SmartVault meeting any requirements to charge and collect taxes in that jurisdiction.

What happens with the sales tax collected?
The entire amount charged to a customer for sales tax is remitted to the required jurisdiction, and no amounts are retained by SmartVault.
How is sales tax calculated?
On your invoice, sales tax is calculated based on SmartVault's determination of the taxability of the product(s) you purchased, the billing address information we hold for you as shown on your invoice, and the tax rate of the applicable jurisdiction where you are located. If needed, you can change and update your address information within SmartVault anytime. 
What if my business is exempt from sales tax?
Certain businesses, such as non-profit organizations, educational institutions, government organizations, or others, may have tax exemptions in various jurisdictions. If your business has an exemption certificate, please contact us at and provide a copy of the exemption certificate to SmartVault. Once your certificate is received, our team will review your account and, if approved, update your account's tax exemption status in our billing system.


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