Creating Multi-Year Engagement Templates

You can specify multiple years in your time-bound engagement, like TY2018-TY2019 or Tax Year 2018-2019.

Adding Multiple Years to Engagement Templates

To edit folder templates so they contain multiple years of engagements:

  1. Sign in to SmartVault.
  2. Click your initials at the top of the screen and click Settings.

    Example settings menu. See information above

  3. Go to Account Settings>Manage Account and click Manage Folder Templates.
  4. Click View and edit templates in the actions bar and go to the engagement template you want to edit.
    • You can also click View and edit templates next to a specific folder template to edit that template directly.

      Sample manage folder templates list. See information above

  5. Hover over the folder you want to contain multiple years of engagements, then use the drop-down menu to select the option that includes multiple years (yyyy-yyyy).

    Folder structure engagement types options menu. See information above

  6. Click Save changes .
  7. In What is this change?, enter a description of the changes you made (required).
    • To apply the changes immediately, select Apply now -- you will receive an email notification when this operation completes, then click OK to save your changes.
    • To continue editing the folder templates, click OK without selecting the apply now option.
  8. Click OK to save your changes.  
  9. Click Apply template to confirm any changes you made.
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