Finding Your Lacerte and ProSeries Tax Returns in SmartVault

Files printed from Intuit Lacerte or ProSeries are sent to your client vaults. You can view them in the SmartVault portal. Documents for tax engagements are stored in a TYXX folder inside the Tax Files folder for each tax year. For example, the path to find your client John Smith's tax return for 2022 would be Clients>John Smith>Tax Files>Tax Returns>TY22. SmartVault stores documents without a specific type in the Permanent folder.

SmartVault has internal rules to determine where to store printed documents from Lacerte and ProSeries in your Folder Templates. You can always move files and folders or change your folder template structure after your Lacerte or ProSeries documents are in SmartVault.

Client Access to Intuit Folders in SmartVault

SmartVault creates specific folders for your clients to view in the SmartVault portal. They can also upload documents to these folders, including W-2s, K-1s, or other documents. Your clients have read-only access to documents in their Client folder and full access to documents in their Client Source Documents folder. Your clients will not see or have access to other folders when they log in unless they have permission. SmartVault administrators and assigned employees can change the client folder permissions

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