Exploring the Quoters Editor

The Quoters Editor is the work area—entirely visual—where you can easily create, edit, and customize your proposals.

Quoters uses a What you see is what you get editor, which means everything you see when editing your proposal appears as it will be on the final version that your client will see.

Opening the Editor

The Quotes Editor will open after entering the basic information when you create a new proposal or click on any of your proposals.

Adding and Customizing Sections

Sections are blocks of content that provide the structure of the proposal. You can think of sections as the pages or slides of your documents or presentations.

Adding Sections

Click the Add Section button QT_-_Add_section_icon.png at the bottom of each content block to add more sections to your proposal. 


There is no limit to the number of sections you can add to your proposal.


There are three types of sections you can add:

  1. Text, images, or videos: use it to insert text, images, and videos, as well as insert tables.
  2. Pricing table: use it to add your quotation. You can use rates and costs.
  3. Saved sections: reuse any content you saved from other proposals.


Editing Sections

Click the Edit icon QT_-_Edit_icon.png on the upper left corner of the section to access the options you can modify.


The options you can edit vary depending on the type of section.

In the Text, photo, or videos section, your options are:

  • Save section - Save a content block so you can reuse it in future proposals. 
  • Background - Add a background for your section. You can choose from color, image, or video.
  • Typography - Customize the fonts and colors.
  • Auto size / Expand - Set up the section size (I might need more insight for this)
  • Delete - Remove the section 

In the Price table section, your options are:

  • Save section
  • Typography
  • Auto size / Expand
  • Delete

Ordering the Sections

Move any section using the up and down arrows at the top and bottom of each section.


Customizing the Section’s Background

Adding a background to the sections can help you identify and organize the parts of your proposal.

To customize the section background, click Background on the edit menu and choose from Color, Image, or Video.


Adding Color

To set the background color, click COLOUR and select from your Main or Secondary colors. You can also add Overlay colors for the section’s background.


You can change the colors from Look and Feel on the Settings page.

Adding an Image

You can use images as a section background. To insert an image, click IMAGE and then CHOOSE IMAGE to select it from your device.


Adding a Video

Personalize your sections by adding a video background. You can add any video supported by the platform.

To insert a video, click Video, paste/enter the URL for the video, and click SET



  • Quoters supports YouTube and MP4 videos stored on your server using https://.
  • Background videos are disabled on mobile devices to ensure the best experience on slow connections. We recommend you add a background image.

Formatting Text

Customize the sections to match your branding, adding style to the text.

Go to the section, highlight the text to format, and choose the style you want to apply from the Text toolbar.


You can format the following:

  • H1: Heading 1
  • H2: Heading 2
  • Align left: Align text to the left
  • Center: Align text to the center
  • Align right: Align text to the right
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Strikethrough
  • Line break
  • Bullet list
  • Numbered list
  • Insert/add link: Insert or edit a hyperlink
  • Placeholders: Add a variable to populate information in your proposal quickly and dynamically 

Adding Images

Adding images and visuals to your proposals can help to grab your client's attention and strengthen your branding. 

You can insert images in the Text, images or videos sections.

To add an image, you must add a new line of text by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. Then click on the image icon QT_-_Image_icon.png on the editor menu.


Click UPLOAD FILE to locate the image in your device and click Upload.


The uploaded image is added to the section in your proposal.


Adding Tables

Tables can help show data on your proposals. You can insert tables in the Text, images or videos sections.

To add a table, you must add a new line of text by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. Then click on the table icon QT_-_Table_icon.png on the editor menu.


You can customize the table using the options on the Table toolbar.



Placeholders are fragments of text used to insert information on your proposals quickly and dynamically. Using them will automatically populate your proposals with the associated data, so you don’t have to do it manually.

To insert a placeholder, double-click on the place you will insert and click the Placeholders button on the editor menu.


Available placeholders:


  • {{quote_description}}
  • {{quote_code}}
  • {{quote_date}}
  • {{quote_expiration_date}}
  • {{quote_version}}


  • {{business_name}}
  • {{business_address}}
  • {{business_address_2}}
  • {{business_state}}
  • {{business_city}}
  • {{business_country}}
  • {{business_zip}}
  • {{business_web}}


  • {{contact_email}}
  • {{contact_name}}
  • {{contact_last_name}}
  • {{contact_primary_phone}}
  • {{contact_secondary_phone}}
  • {{contact_appointment}}
  • {{contact_business_name}}
  • {{contact_id_number}}
  • {{contact_address}}
  • {{contact_address_2}}
  • {{contact_city}}
  • {{contact_state}}
  • {{contact_country}}
  • {{contact_zip}}
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