October 2022 Release Notes

 Release Date: October 27, 2022

What is new?

Authoritative Copy folder icon

New icon AC_Folder_icon.png for Authoritative Copy folders to differentiate them from the regular folders. FF_-_AC_Folder_icon.png

Private Vault icon

A new icon for private vaults Private_vault_icon.png will be visible on the Client Details page.

Support for Intuit Lacerte TY22 Edition

SmartVault supports the Lacerte integration for the Tax Year 2022.

Support for Intuit ProSeries TY22 Edition

SmartVault supports the ProSeries integration for the Tax Year 2022.

What was updated?

Install Desktop app message

The message that appears when a user clicks the Install Desktop app tile on the Home page is more informative. 

Loading time optimization for Properties modal

Accessing the Properties modal on Vaults and Folders will pop up quicker, changing the loading time from 6 seconds to 1 second.

CPU usage improvement

The CPU management is improved to reduce the consumption from 7% to less than 1% for the QuickBooks 64-bit application. 

DocuSign Integration Workflow

The new workflow allows users to switch between DocuSign Accounts to connect to SmartVault.

Help options on the Home page

The help icon Help_icon.png on the home page provides additional support options where users can quickly get to the SmartVault Academy or the SmartVault Help Center. 


Special characters in files and folder names

SmartVault now supports the following special characters for files and folders names:

= -( ) & ^ $ # @ ! `~ { } [ ] . ' ; ,

Informational messaging for the Access and Notifications settings

When a user selects the "This folder only" setting on the Access and Notifications page, an informative note shows what to expect when using this setting.

The note reads: "This permission applies to the shared folder and any new folders created under it."


Link to a folder from the Connected Desktop

Users can now send a link to a folder via SmartVault or Outlook directly from the Connected Desktop.


What was fixed?

Configure Integrations access for non-Admin users

Non-Administrative users can access the Configure Integrations page to connect their SmartVault account to a DocuSign account.


Changing Engagement Frequency

Replacing one frequency engagement (Monthly or Quarterly) will replace the previously set frequency from the engagement. Please note that the update does not resolve engagement folders that have already been affected.

Text and links on the DocuSign Integration page

We've refreshed the wording on the DocuSign Integration page, and the links work correctly.

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