Sending Financial Statements in Client Management

  Note for Thomson Reuters® UltraTax Users

If you're using UltraTax, the steps referred to in this article might not be the most efficient for printing tax documents. Please refer to our dedicated Getting Started with SmartRouting for the most relevant and detailed instructions.

Accounting Pro plan customers can use the Client Management page to let clients know their Financial Statements are ready to view and download. Clients receive an email with a secure link to their documents. You can set up email notifications to alert you and/or your employees when your client downloads their statements.

If you need to send financial statements to multiple clients at the same time, use the Ready to Send shortcuts on your home page.

Before You Start

Complete this checklist before you send your clients' financial statements.

  • Add your clients to SmartVault—Make sure your client list in SmartVault is up to date.
  • Create Accounting Services folders for your clients
    • The Auto-Filer tool in the SmartVault PDF Printer creates the required folders and gives your client access to those folders based on the Accounting Services folder template.
    • The Accounting Services template includes monthly subfolders. You may need to contact SmartVault Customer Support for help sending financial statements if you removed or changed the monthly folders.
  • Print your clients' financial statements to SmartValt using the SmartVault PDF printer —You cannot send financial statements that are not printed to SmartVault.
  • (SmartVault PDF Printer Only) Properly tag financial statements when you send them to SmartVaultUse the Auto-Filer tool in the SmartVault PDF Printer and choose the following tags in the menu options before uploading:
      • In Select a Client, choose the client to route this statement to
      • In Select an Engagement type, choose Accounting Services
      • In Select an existing tag or type a new one, choose Financial Statement Set.


        You can select Reuse previous selections at the bottom to save these settings for the next document printed to the SmartVault PDF Printer.

Using Send Financials in Client Management

To notify a client their financial statement is ready to view:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal and click Client Management in the navigation bar.
  2. Go to the client you need to notify and click their name to open the Client Details page.
    • If you have created a new client already but do not see their name listed within the Auto-File, please open the Connected Desktop and refresh your client list.
  3. Click the Send Financials tab. The financial statement you want to send your client must be printed to SmartVault before continuing.
    • The Financial Statements list shows details for each statement. Click Filters to find financial statements based on certain criteria. Choose your filters, then click outside the filter options menu to see the filtered results. The filter options are:
      • Month of engagement
      • Have the Financial Statements been printed?
      • Have the financial statements been emailed?
      • Has the client downloaded the Financial Statements?
      • Has the Financial Statements reminder been sent
      • Year
  4. Select the statements from the list and click Send Financials Email.
  5. Click Ok to confirm and send the financials email. A confirmation message appears showing the status of the email.
    • If the status is a red exclamation point, then the financial statement wasn't successfully sent.
    • Click the status to expand error messages.
  6. Your client will get an email from you in their inbox. The email contains links to their documents.
    • If your client didn't receive the email, have them check their junk mail and spam folders.
    • You can set up notifications in your account settings, or vault and folder notifications settings to alert you when your client downloads their financial statements.


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