Sending Tax Returns in Client Management

Accounting Pro plan customers can use the Client Management page to let clients know their Tax Returns are ready to view and download. Clients receive an email with a secure link to the file. You can set up notifications in your account settings, or vault and folder notifications settings to alert you when your client downloads their tax returns.

If you need to send Tax Returns to multiple clients at the same time, use the Ready to Send shortcuts on your home page.

Before You Start

Complete this checklist before you send your tax return emails.

  • Add your clients to SmartVault—Make sure your client list in SmartVault is up to date.
  • Upload your clients' tax returns to SmartVault —You cannot send tax returns that are not printed to SmartVault. Print your clients' tax returns to SmartVault using the SmartVault PDF printer, Lacerte, or ProSeries. You cannot send tax returns that are not printed to SmartVault. You must print both government and client copies into SmartVault if your tax return email template includes links to both.
  • Update your tax return email template —Make sure your email template has all the information your clients need to complete their tax returns.
  • (SmartVault PDF Printer Only) Properly tag tax returns when you send them to SmartVaultUse the Auto-Filer tool in the SmartVault PDF Printer and choose the following tags in the menu options before uploading:
      • In Select an Engagement type, choose Tax Engagement
      • In Select an existing tag or type a new one, choose Client copy of tax return and Government copy of tax return (if applicable)


        You can select Reuse previous selections at the bottom to save these settings for the next document printed to the SmartVault PDF Printer.

Using Send Tax Returns in Client Management

To notify a client their tax return is ready to view:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal and click Client Management in the navigation panel.
  2. Go to the client you need to email and click their name.
  3. On the Client Details page, go to the Send Tax Returns tab.
    • Use Filters to make sure your clients' tax returns have been printed into SmartVault and check the status of their tax return email. The filter options are:
      • Has the Income Tax email been sent to the client?
      • Has the Client Copy of the Tax Return been printed?
      • Has the Government Copy of the Tax Return been printed?
      • Year Range

        Image of filter options. See information above.

  4. Select the tax returns you need to send from the list, then click Send Income Tax Email.
    • Click Export to CSV to download a CSV file of the tax return document list
  5. Click Ok to confirm and send the tax return email. A confirmation message appears showing the status of the email.
    • If the status is a red exclamation point, then the organizer wasn't successfully sent.
    • Click the status to expand error messages.
  6. Your client will get an email with links to their documents.
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