January 2021 Release Notes

 Release Date: January 14, 2021

Say hello to the new Guest user experience!

We have made SmartVault easier for your clients to use with a full user experience renovation—from sign up to uploading files you request.


Check out this video to see the new SmartVault Guest user experience!

What is new?


The new Guest view will be the landing page for your clients, new guest account sign-ups, and any client invited to a new structured account.

Sign up experience

Once your clients receive the invitation email, clicking on the activation link will take them to this page.

  • Your client is prompted to enter their contact information.
  • Your client's username and password to login will be the Email address and the Password provided here during setup.

Left sidebar

We have made the navigation to standard functions more intuitive.


The pane provides quick access to the following main function areas:

  • Home – to return to the home page at any time.
  • File Exchange – to upload requested files and quickly review files that have been uploaded.


    File Exchange offers-

    • Pagination - paginate multiple folders and files across multiple pages if the client has more files than the default pagination setting (50). mceclip3.png
    • Sort - sort files and folders by the Date Modified.
  • Files and Folders – to upload, download, and share files.


    Files and Folders offers-

    • Pagination - paginate multiple folders and files across multiple pages if the client has more files than the default pagination setting (50).


    • Sort - sort files and folders by file/folder Name or Last Modified.
    • Search - search for a specific file.


    • Content column – clients can quickly see if a folder has content or is empty. This new feature saves unnecessary clicking and prevents clients from opening empty folders.

Top bar

Presents a set of tools at your fingertips to access relevant information, get help when necessary, and adjust your user settings.

  • Question mark icon - get redirected to the SmartVault Support Center to find videos and how-to articles.
  • Client initials – access the user settings page. This new feature identifies the logged-in user with their initials.

Shortcuts bar

This is a new feature that allows adding shortcuts to favorite folders.


  • Ability to browse vaults and folders and mark them as a favorite.
  • Ability to remove a favorite.


Self-onboarding – Take a Tour

We have created a help pane with direct links to how-to articles to help your clients self-onboarding. The new experience will guide your clients through the right steps to learn and work more efficiently when interacting with SmartVault.


Actions – Quickly upload your documents

We have added a new link that allows uploading documents to available folders quickly.



What was updated?


All these updates are for SmartVault for Business plan.

Removal of tax-related workflow from the home page

The “Ready to Send” and “Bulk Send Files” tax-related workflow links have been removed from the user interface for structured business plans.

What was fixed?

The default display for Files and Folders view

The Files and Folders page displays the content in alphanumeric order by default. If a sort occurs, the folders will remain grouped, and the sort will affect the files that exist in the folders.

User experience improvement by providing a better error message when Account Admin tries to change own user type

When Account Admins try to change their user type, they will get the error message "You cannot change your own user type."

User experience improvement by resolving the “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object” error

The commonly encountered error on the Connected Desktop and the Portal "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object" has now been resolved to improve user experience.

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