Getting Started with SmartVault Request Docs

With SmartVault’s Request Docs, you can request client documents using customizable templates. You can also manage your document requests from the Request Docs page, including tracking your client’s progress, sending reminders, and marking requests completed.

Using Request Templates

There are built-in request templates you can send to your clients. They are aligned to client engagement types and customizable. For example, you can have different Request Docs templates for Tax Engagement, Accounting Services, and Payroll engagements. You can also use Request Docs for projects with Project Engagement templates.

Creating and Modifying Templates

Account administrators can create new templates and modify them to add requests for additional items or remove items. If you are an Account Employee or an Assigned Employee, you can use the existing templates or ask your administrator to create a new one for you.

Requesting Documents

Request Docs lets you request a range of documents from your clients individually or in groups. Request Docs has two views:

  • Firm User View
  • Guest View

Firm User View

Firm users are account administrators, account employees, and assigned employees. Account Administrators and Account employees can manage, review, and see the progress status of all Request Docs requests created within their firm. Account administrators can create request templates and assign clients to assigned employees. All firm users can send document requests to clients. Assigned employees can send requests to their assigned clients only.

Guest View

Request docs guest users respond to document requests using their guest accounts. They can view their requests, upload files, and provide additional information in comments. They can also mark a request as "This Does Not Apply." Guests may submit their documents once they’ve fulfilled your request by uploading a document, adding a comment, or selecting "This Does Not Apply".

Tracking Your Requests

Request Docs shows you how much progress your clients have made on your requests with status updates. You can view each request's status and send reminders to clients who haven’t started submitting their documents. You can also get notifications when your clients submit their documents.

Status Updates

Request Docs provides three status updates on your requests:

  • Sent with a date — You’ve sent the request to the client but they have not started completing your request
  • Active —The client has uploaded at least one document, provided a comment, or indicated “This Does Not Apply”
  • Completed — The client has finished your request and submitted their documents.

Using Request Docs

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