Resolving the "Access Denied When Trying to Add a QuickBooks Company File to a Vault" Error

Error: Access Denied when trying to add a QuickBooks company file to a Vault in SmartVault.

This error typically occurs when you try to add a QuickBooks company file to SmartVault, but your SmartVault user ID is not a member of one of the following groups:

  • SmartVault Administrators group
  • Vault Managers group for the vault where you add the QuickBooks company file


Contact the administrator of your SmartVault account. Only administrators and vault managers can add company files to the account.

They/you will have several options.

  • If your admin/vault manager has the newest copy of the same company file, they can integrate it into the account for you.
  • Your admin/vault manager can use a remote connection to access your computer, log in to the SmartVault Desktop software, and integrate your company file from your computer.
  • They can elevate you to an administrator on the account or vault manager of the vault where you will be adding the company file.
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