Previewing SmartVault Email Templates Using a Test Client

Create a test client and a dedicated Gmail account to preview and validate the emails sent via SmartVault's templates. Ensuring client-facing emails are edited and formatted to your firm's specifications is a good practice.

Testing the User Activation Email Template

To test the user activation email:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Select Client Management from the navigation sidebar.
  3. Open Client 01Test's details by clicking its name.
    CM - Test client vault.png
  4. Click Invite client and confirm by clicking OK.
    CM - Test Client details.png
  5. Review the email in the dedicated Gmail account.

Testing the Tax Return Email Template

To test the tax return email template:

  1. Print and upload the client and government copies of the return to Client 01Test's vault.


    Ensure an engagement is already created for Client 01Test.

  2. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  3. Go to READY TO SEND > Tax Returns.
    Home - Ready to Send - Tax Returns.png


    Confirm the Tax Year from which you want to send the return. 

    Edit the Tax Year if needed by clicking on the year filter.
    Send Tax Return - Year filter.png
  4. Choose Client 01Test's vault.
  5. Click the Info icon to access client information.
    Send Tax Return - Info ico.png
  6. Go to the Send Tax Returns tab.
    Send Tax Return tab.png
  7. Select the client's returns and click the mail icon to initiate the email.
  8. Click OK to confirm sending the email.
    Send Tax Return Confirmation.png
  9. Review the email in the dedicated Gmail account.
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