Import Data is Blank


You may come across a client that just will not print to SmartVault however every other client does. The issue could be that the client you are attempting to import somehow is corrupted. To check if it is corrupted, use the Import Data tool and follow the steps below to resolve the issue.


Resolving This Issue

  1. Open the SmartVault Import Data tool.

  2. Choose the LaCerte tax year from which you are attempting to print from.

  3. Select the Client Type and select Next.

  4. Select the specific client to import. Click Select All to import all clients. Click Finish when done with selecting.

  5. Now, back in the Import Data tool, it should show the client as blank if the client is corrupted. If so, proceed to the Resolution Steps below to resolve the issue.

Resolution Steps

  1. In LaCerte you will need to make sure the client is unlocked. Unlock the client by going to File > Unlock Client if the client is showing as locked. If it is unlocked by default, proceed to step 2.
  2. Copy the Client and give the client a new Client ID different from the one they already have. This will create a new client as a fresh client with all of the data still stored the same. The only thing that will change is the client ID itself which can be changed back to the original if needed.


    If in case you need to keep the same client ID, you can create the copy, delete the original client, and re-copy the copy giving it the original Client ID. You can delete the copy and proceed to step 3. Also, ensure that the client ID does not belong to any other client or client type that may also have the same Client ID by mistake.

  3. Now that the copied client is created, you should now be able to print directly from LaCerte or import the client from the Import Data tool.


If there are multiple clients that are affected, this will need to be done for each client that will not show up in the Import Data tool. Follow the resolutions steps for each client that is giving you this issue.


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