Reading and Fixing DMS Migration Errors


Once your migration finishes, you'll see the status page for the imported records. You can click on the Status column heading to review any issues there may have been during the import process. We've documented and will continue to document them on this page as we learn more. We have also provided possible solutions for these messages.

This applies to:

  • SmartVault for Intuit Tax Lacerte and ProSeries
  • SmartVault for Intuit Tax Lacerte Solo and Team plans
  • SmartVault for Intuit Tax ProSeries Solo and Team plans

Possible Status Message

Password Required - Certain DMS clients may require passwords to open and import them.

Resolving This Error

You must remove the password for the clients from within DMS before you can migrate these clients into SmartVault. Once the password is removed, this error message will no longer appear.

Let the import complete and check the status column again for additional information. They should all indicate Completed.

The network failed to connect to server: " - may occur when the connection to SmartVault has been dropped or the SmartVault application has been signed out during the data import.

  1. Click the SmartVault Launchpad icon > Sign in > Import Data.
  2. Select Intuit DMS and your account name, then click Next.
  3. Click Next on the following window and select the job that indicates that is Incomplete and click View.
  4. Click the Status column heading to sort the messages in descending order (or use the scroll bar).
  5. Select the record(s) with a left of the mouse on the line (or multi-select using the Ctrl key and left mouse click) indicating the status Failed.
  6. Right-click the same record(s) and select Import Selected Clients(s)

The Data Import utility will attempt to re-Import these records. They should all indicate Completed.

If you still see errors after this in the status log, please submit a ticket at Contact Support.

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