Invoke, or BeginInvoke Cannot be Called on a Control until the Window Handle has been Created


When scanning a document into SmartVault QuickBooks Toolbar or the SmartVault Inbox, you may get this error:

Invoke, or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created.

When a document is scanned captures the image and then presents a preview. Once you have verified the image and data, you can finish the attachment by clicking Attach, or pressing enter on your keyboard. If you rapidly click this button or hit the enter button several times before the window has had time to load, it will generate this error. This is mostly dependent on the speed and available resources of your computer.

Resolving This Error

Wait for the scan window to load before attempting to process the document fully. If you do not want to modify your scans and want them to accept automatically, enable the "automatically accept document" checkbox, and it will skip this step in the future.


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