Exiting and Restarting the SmartVault for Windows Desktop Client (WDC)

You may need to exit and restart the Windows Desktop Client (WDC) if you have issues opening the SmartVault Launchpad or SmartVault Connected Desktop. These issues may happen after software updates and maintenance.  If a restart doesn't work, please contact our support team

To exit and restart the WDC:

  1. Exit the SmartVault for Windows Desktop Client software by locating the arrow pointing upward on your screen's bottom right close to the time and date. Right-click and select Exit to completely close out of SmartVault. 
  2. To restart SmartVault for Windows software, open the SmartVault Launchpad from the shortcut on your desktop or by searching for the program in Windows. 
  3. To reset the Connected Desktop, search for the following icon below on your desktop.
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