Fixing Outlook if the SmartVault Plug-in is Not Appearing in the Toolbar


Some customers who use Outlook 2007 are having an issue where the SmartVault buttons are not appearing when sending a new message or when reading a message.

The issue appears to be relating to the SmartVault plug-in conflicting with other buttons or changes the user has made to the toolbar on the Messages tab. The fix below puts the SmartVault button on the Add-Ins tab.


If Outlook has disabled the SmartVault plug-in, the steps below are not going to fix this. This only helps when the plug-in is running, but not appearing, or conflicting with other buttons on your toolbar in Outlook.

Resolving This Error

  1. Find the SmartVault configuration file for the Outlook Plug-in on your computer.


    This is usually the path:

    C:\users\\AppData\Roaming\SmartVault\SVWidgets\SV Outlook_Settings.xlm

    If you don’t see the AppData folder under your folder, you will need to edit the View folder settings so that you can see hidden folders.

  2. Right-click the file above and select Edit.
  3. Change the last two configuration settings from true to false.


    These two settings tell SmartVault’s plug-in to put the SmartVault button on the Add-Ins tab in Outlook, instead of on the Messages tab. Change true to false in the settings below without editing anything else, and then save the file:

    • false
    • false
  4. If you edited your Folder view settings in step 1, you can set it back to the original settings so you don’t see hidden folders and files.
  5. Run Outlook and see if this fix worked.


    When you read or compose an email, you should now see the SmartVault buttons on the Add-Ins tab.

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