Troubleshooting: Documents Not Scanning to the Toolbar with ScanSnap

When scanning using the ScanSnap scanner to the SmartVault Desktop Toolbar in QuickBooks, the document does not reach its destination. The likely cause of this error is that the SmartVault Toolbar profile has not been selected. When the ScanSnap profile is first created, the default profile is the SmartVault Inbox. The SmartVault Toolbar profile must be chosen for this operation.


This article only applies to supported ScanSnap scanners.

Resolving This Error

Before beginning, ensure that you have created your ScanSnap profiles. If not, see Configure the ScanSnap.

  1. Select the SmartVault Toolbar Profile:
    • Left-click on the ScanSnap icon in the system tray.
    • Select the SmartVault Toolbar profile.
  2. Open a QuickBooks transaction:
    • Open the QuickBooks transaction to which you want to attach the scanned document.
  3. Scan the Document:
    • Place a document in the scanner and press the Scan button on the scanner.
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