Resolving the QuickBooks Desktop - Revoked Certificate Error

A recent update is impacting our QuickBooks Desktop Integration.  

Follow the steps below to reconnect QuickBooks.

  1. Exit QuickBooks.
  2. Exit SmartVault Desktop Application. Exit the SmartVault for Windows Desktop Client software by locating the arrow pointing upward on the bottom right of your screen close to the time and date (see screenshot below). Right-Click and choose Exit to close out of SmartVault completely.
  3. Download and Install this version of SmartVault:
    (If it fails to install, uninstall from Control Panel and try installing again)
  4. Open and Sign in to SmartVault.
  5. Open QuickBooks, and it should load properly now.


If you are in a remote environment your hosting provider will need to install the updated version of SmartVault.

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