Updating Payment Information

If you are a SmartVault Administrator, you can update your company's payment information for SmartVault billing.

For changing your account name, billing address, or primary contact, see Changing Your Account Properties

Editing Your Payment Information

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal
  2. Click on your initials at the top of the screen, and click Settings.
  3. Go to Account Settings>Manage Billing and Payment and click Billing. Account_settings_-_Billing.png
  4. In Manage Subscriptions, click Payment Methods.
  5. In Payment Methods, click the payment method you want to edit.


    • If you use only one payment method for the account, it will be set as Primary by default, and the tag PRIMARY will appear next to the payment method.
    • If you have multiple payment methods listed, please ensure that the payment method you'd like to use to pay for your SmartVault subscription is tagged as Primary.
  6. In Payment Method Details, click Edit Payment Method.
  7. If you want to update the credit card information, change the details and click Update.


  8. Click the Direct Debit tab to change your payment method from Credit Card to Direct Debit. Direct Debit allows you to make payments directly from your bank account. 

  9.  Click Set up ACH to initiate the validation step through Plaid. 

  10. Click Okay and follow the steps to connect your financial accounts.

Assigning Primary Payment Method

To set a payment method as Primary:

  1. Click Payment Methods on the Manage Subscription screen.
  2. Click on the payment method you want to set as primary to open its details screen, and click the Set this as primary or backup link.
  3. A label PRIMARY will appear next to the payment method.

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