SmartVault Desktop Software Features

The SmartVault Desktop Software offers a range of features to help you manage your documents efficiently, including:

  • SmartVault Connected Desktop
  • SmartVault Drive
  • SmartVault PDF Print Driver
  • Lacerte and ProSeries Integrations 

SmartVault Connected Desktop 

With the Connected Desktop, you can manage documents for specific clients and work with tax documents stored in SmartVault using a user-friendly interface.

With the Connected Desktop, you can:

  • Manage files directly from your desktop
  • View, edit, scan, upload, and download files

Discover the benefits of the Connected Desktop and follow the installation guide to get started.

SmartVault Drive 

SmartVault Drive lets you access your files in SmartVault using your computer's File Explorer or Finder (Mac). This saves time when moving files between your desktop and SmartVault.

Discover how to map the SmartVault Drive

SmartVault PDF Print Driver 

SmartVault PDF Printer lets you convert files to PDFs and upload them to SmartVault using QuickBooks Toolbar, Inbox, or Connected Desktop.

With SmartVault PDF Print Driver, you can:

  • Convert any web page or document to a PDF by printing it directly to SmartVault
  • Route and tag documents before importing them into SmartVault

Discover how to use the SmartVault PDF Printer to upload files to SmartVault

Lacerte and ProSeries Integrations 

Intuit's Lacerte and ProSeries tax applications integrate seamlessly with SmartVault, appearing as a printing destination. With this integration, you can directly route documents from Lacerte/ProSeries to SmartVault.

Discover the benefits of connecting Lacerte or ProSeries to SmartVault and efficiently manage and invite your tax clients.


The SmartVault desktop software is only supported on Windows-based machines.

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