Adding Your Employees to DocuSign

This article explains how to add employees to your DocuSign account.  If you need help with a specific DocuSign feature, visit DocuSign University.


You must be an administrator to add users to your DocuSign account.

The following video walks you through Adding Users to your DocuSign account.

Adding Employees to DocuSign

To add more employees to your DocuSign account:

  1. Sign in to DocuSign.
  2. Click Settings in the navigation menu.

    Image of DocuSign navigation menu. See information above

  3. Go to Users and Groups and click Users in the side navigation menu.

    Image of DocuSign setting page. See information above

  4. Click ADD USER.

    Image of DocuSign Users page. See information above

  5. Enter the employee's email address, then click NEXT.

    Image of enter email address. See information above

  6. Enter the employee's profile information, then click NEXT.

    Image of profile information. See information above

  7. (Optional) Enter an access code for your employee to activate their DocuSign account. This step makes your account more secure. Click NEXT to continue.

    Image of security information. See information above

  8. Choose a Permission Profile and a group, if available. Then click ADD USER.

    Image of permission profile and groups. See information above

  9. DocuSign sends your employee an activation email. The account is in Pending status until the employee completes their account activation. They also need to connect their new DocuSign account with SmartVault.


    If you entered an access code for your employee, don't forget to share it with them.

    Image of sample users page list with pending status employees. See information above

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