Troubleshooting Guide: Quickbooks Online Toolbar

This will serve as an outline for troubleshooting steps for the SmartVault Toolbar integration into Quickbooks Online. Generally, troubleshooting options are listed in order of most common or most likely to fix most issues and should be tried in that order.

No Toolbar

  • Verify they are a client or user license in Salesforce, and they have access to the appropriate documents folders.
  • Verify the browser extension is installed - It will be either a grey or green keyhole icon on their browser toolbar.
  • Verify the browser extension is authenticated:

    Is it grey? It's not authenticated. Return to and refresh the page. It should attempt to authenticate. If not clear "quickstarts" in the browser extension, return to this page and refresh again.
    Deauthorize the extension and try again - Go to, my info, then my apps. Revoke the authorization for the QBO Toolbar and return to to refresh the page.
  • Does toolbar work on other transactions? Make sure it's not one of the transactions that must be saved first. Some transactions will not display the toolbar until saved.
  • Remove the extension from the browser Restart the browser. Reinstall.
  • Try an alternate browser.
  • Collect Browser Logs and Escalate

Red X

  • Access Denied - Permissions. The user does not have access to the account or folders under Applications.
  • Invalid Realm - Company file may be in a closed account, grab the company ID from QBO and look it up in Salesforce/SQL to verify. You can find the ID by going into the settings (gear icon), Your Account, Company Info. It is a 9 digit number.
  • Getting transaction operations: this._impl.error is undefined - Something is blocking the connectivity of the extension. It may be an anti-virus or a security extension in the browser.

Green Stack

Not authorized or logged in, refresh the page. Remove Quickstarts and deauthorize. Refresh

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