Exporting Data from the Connected Desktop


Occasionally, you might need to export data from the Connected Desktop. You might use this exported data to work on a client's files while you cannot connect to the Internet, or you might use this exported data to save a local backup on your computer. (While there is no need for a local backup since SmartVault takes care of all your data persistence needs, you still might choose to create a local backup.)


  1. Click on File in the main menu within Connected Desktop, and select Export data...
  2. The Export Data window opens. If you have a client in the Client List pane selected, the Export Data window will select to include that client as the record to export by default.
  3. If you need to export all clients' files and folders within your SmartVault account, select Include all X records. Otherwise, leave the default of only the current client.
  4. Click Browse... to locate a folder on your computer to receive the files and folders you are exporting. Select the location to save your export and click OK. Click Next.
  5. The export starts, and when finished, the window displays that the export is completed.
  6. Click Exit.
  7. Check your folder location to verify that the export was completed successfully.

If you are using the exported data to work offline, you will need to manually re-upload changed files to the locations from which the data was exported. Often, especially if you are only working on a few offline files, it is easier to create a local copy of the file by dragging and dropping it onto your computer's desktop. After working with the file offline, and once you have reestablished an internet connection, drag and drop the local file back to the original location.

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