Exporting Data from the Connected Desktop

You can use the Export Data feature in Connected Desktop to create a backup copy of your SmartVault data files on your local computer. Even though SmartVault automatically backs up your data, backup copies can be helpful if you need to work on a client's file but do not have Internet access or just want to create a copy for offline storage.

To export your data:

  1. In Connected Desktop, click on File in the main menu and select Export data... The Export Data window opens. 


    If a client is already selected in the Client List, that client will automatically be exported by default.

  2. Choose Include all X records to export all the clients' records in your SmartVault account or Include 1 selected client(s) to export the selected record.
  3. Click Browse…, select a destination folder on your computer, and then click OK.
  4. When the export is complete, a window displays a confirmation message indicating that the export was successful.
  5. Click Exit, and then check the local destination folder to verify that the files downloaded correctly.


When you work offline with the exported data, you will need to manually reupload any changed files to the locations from which it was exported. It may be easier to drag and drop files to your desktop if you are only working on a few files offline. We recommend that you immediately drag and drop the local file back to the original location in SmartVault after you have finished making your changes.

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