Troubleshooting: Restoring the "Mail Recipient" Option in SmartVault Connected Desktop

If you're missing the "Mail Recipient" option when sending documents directly from SmartVault Connected Desktop, follow these steps to restore it. This problem usually occurs when the "Mail Recipient" shortcut is missing from your system's "Send To" folder.

Restoring the "Mail Recipient" Functionality

  1. Access the Send To Folder:
    • Right-click the Windows icon at the bottom left of your screen and select File Explorer.
    • In the address bar, type % appdata%\microsoft\windows\sendto and press Enter. This action opens the "Send To" folder, where shortcuts for your "Send to" menu items are stored.
  2. Download the Missing File:
  3. Prepare for the Fix:
    • Ensure you have two Explorer windows open: one showing the %appdata%\microsoft\windows\sendto directory and the other displaying your Downloads folder.
  4. Exit SmartVault Connected Desktop:
    • To make sure changes take effect, close the SmartVault Connected Desktop. Find the SmartVault icon in the system tray (bottom right of your screen), right-click it, and select Exit.
  5. Move the Downloaded File:
    • Drag and drop the "Mail Recipient" file from your Downloads folder into the "Send To" folder. This action restores the missing functionality.
  6. Verify the Solution:
    • Reopen the SmartVault Connected Desktop and check if the "Mail Recipient" option is present as expected. No reboot should be necessary for the changes to take effect.
      CD - Mail Recipient option.png

If the "Mail Recipient" functionality still doesn't appear, please contact our support team for further assistance.


Please be aware that Microsoft periodically updates system paths and locations, which might alter the steps provided in this guide. For additional context, refer to the original article.

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